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En liten tjänst

Intro Spookys säsong 1

Några scener från säsång 1

The movie Hannah is part of a course for the Swedish Police Peace Support Operations and UN. Rape as strategic warfare takes place in all the conflicts of today. DOP Simon Olsson.

Agenterna is set in Krimsta City, a town where the crimewave rise and the law loses control. They call KSSA; Criminal Secret Service Agency led by Agent V to solve the most delicate crimes. To his assistance he has three kids working on the field. Nine episodes, nine crimes and the clock is ticking. DOP Fredrik Askebris

A pilot on a novell by John Ajvide Lindqvist.

DOP Mattias Rudh.

Some scenes from Energina.

Energina – a superherostory about Gina, a ordinary girl who is forced to confront her fears when she realize she is the only one who can save the city from the supervillian, Dr Doominator with her new superpowers

Dop Simon Olsson.

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